Thursday, September 01, 2005

Amazing, today September 26 K.Frank Jensen from Denmark arrived in Brussels and we had a meeting. One of the items he gave me was this TAROT ICON card on the Empress. He intended to mail this to Marilyn but her passing prevented the mail. So instead he kept it and decided it to give it to me when we met.
An emotional moment I can assure you.

The card is the result of some water damage, so very close to Marilyn's ephemeral art creations. On the card Frank wrote:

"Empress of the ceiling
After watery damage the Empress emerged from the sky,
impressing herself upon me:
Here I am, take me, do something to me!
Her demands were inevitable and now she has gone,
leaving only a photographic impression of herself."

On the back of the card: November 2004 for Marilyn
September 2005, and now for Guido

Thank you Frank! What a print this is and how truly truly shadowlike (GV)


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