Monday, August 29, 2005

These trees near Lake Suviana

are a tribute to


of Marilyn Dammann

Massimo Medola, ITALY

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Photo: Monica and Olivier at my 50th birthday party
in Brussels, March 2004. (GV)
Dear Guido,

I am writing to you from Madrid to express my condolences at the loss of your friend.

I am sure she always wanted you to be a strong and active person promoting peace through mailart, so I have no doubt you will continue doing that even more to honor her memory.
I hope you will be all right during this period of mourning.

With best regards,
Olivier Urbain, JAPAN/ BELGIUM
T:AP Network Coordinator

Dear Guido,
My most sincere condolences to you and the family.
Monica Arac de Nyeko, UGANDA

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dear Guido,

This is indeed very sad; Marilyn contributed some beautiful artwork to my issue of Friour (including the cover), and I had a wonderful, if brief, correspondence with her.

Please send my condolences to her family and community.

In peace,

Marisa Antonaya, THAILAND / SPAIN

T:AP member

Cover of issue 3 of Friour Network Magazine, produced by Marisa with cover art by Marilyn

For June 26,

International Memorial Day

to honor Marilyn Dammann

aka Shadow,

Giovanni Strada, Italy

Friday, August 26, 2005

Dear Guido,

The loss of a friend, a companera, an artist, is always sad and a great loss. Can you tell us more about her and the gallery - where it is etc.
No one can be replaced but try to be a "Marilyn" to someone else.

The Latin Americans, I learned, when I lived in Nicaragua, believe that a fallen comrade who worked for truth and justice is always with us. They call out their names at events and the answer always comes PRESENTE.

Theresa Wolfwood, CANADA
T:AP member

For a friend

too swift her journey
so brief our time
this arrow of brilliance
shaft of energy
radiating light
brief holding
creating love
she pierced the infinite
she marked us
the assurance
of a calligrapher’s brush
her long thin fingers
slipping by
ephemeral beauty
then hurled into a larger universe
a meteorite shower of brilliant seconds
transformed our world
an irrevocable gift………
we remain earthbound
and clutch her zeitgeist.

(c) TW

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Thank you for the newsletter. Sorry to hear about the fallen artist. Sounds like she was an inspiration to many.
Great to hear about the tribute / celebration of her life!

Enclosed is a tape from my project of 12 years,

Enjoy it and best regards,

Erik Disorder, USA

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Looking for Marilyn
in "Parallel Worlds"

Rudiger Westphal,

Roberto Scala, ITALY

Monday, August 22, 2005


Touché par la personnalité de Marilyn Damann, je participerai humblement à la journée du 26 juin et vous envoie ma contribution.

Jean Van Cottom, BELGIUM

CARTAPOSTALUM was inaugurated on June 26 in Jean's house.
It contains 60 postcards of friends and relatives.
June 26 was also the 60th birthday of Jean. The compilation is dedicated to Marilyn's memory and the anniversary of the Belgian mail artist at the same time (GV)

Dearest Guido,

It was important to hear from you again after such a long time but in such sad circumstances, that is sad!
I too, have had a lot of death to cope with over the past 14 months.

My longest friend Carmen died last May, aged 55/56. I have not recovered from it yet, but then my uncle died two weeks later, when he was apparently fine!
Then my friend at the allotments died after catching a virus that has become common here in our hospitals (MRSA).
My friend's lovely mum then died and now another friend's lovely mum died a week ago.
I didn't know of Shadow (as far as I know) but I am thinking of you and it was a lovely picture of your friend you sent. Thank you.

Julia Tant, ENGLAND UK

Hi! Thank you Guido!

This action and card are dedicated to your friend Marilyn to join the June 26 tributes.

Bruno Capatti, ITALY

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your last mail.
The passing of Marilyn Dammann is really a sad news.
I finished issue 202 of my zine "Think here" on June 26 and I have included a tribute to Shadow on page 1.
I am also sending you a contribution to your own Friour Network Magazine.

In friendship,
José Roberto Secchi, BRAZIL

Page from the zine "PENSE AQUI" (Think here) with the Shadow tribute

Dear Guido,

On June 26 I decided to visit a very nice park inside Tokyo I hadn't been to in a long time. It's one one the biggest parks in the city and it's quite wild and uncultured. The problem was, late June is rain season in Japan, and that day it rained a lot all day. Plus I forgot my camera, so I couldn't record my action. Anyway, in a few words, I left some little works I had made for the occasion on the trail, and arranged stones on the site to make a heart, all the time trying to balance my big bag, my umbrella and all these things I was moving around. I'm afraid the things I left on the ground got destroyed by the rain as soon as I left. Then again, Marilyn liked to make things that eventually were bound to desappear in the environment. I think that's all. Thank you for the nice blog you made for the occasion.

Gianni Simone, JAPAN/ ITALY

Kairan is Gianni's excellent mail art magazine, the succesor of Numero, produced by Wilfried Nold in Germany in the past. Kairan like Numero still debates hot topics in mail art but also is a forum for mail art themes or subjects: Femail art, mail art in Latin America, mail art in former Yugoslavia, and so on. The zine published a tribute to Robin Crozier who departed from the network a few years ago. A coming issue of Kairan will publish a tribute to Marilyn Dammann and Monica Ferretti. I signed for this article (GV)

June 26 tribute for Shadow

by Henk Van Ooyen,


Sunday, August 21, 2005

2 communication pages between Miguel Jimenez "Zenon" (Spain) and Irene Ronchetti (Argentina) on the Shadow Celebrations of June 26.

Saturday, August 20, 2005




Danielle Verté, BELGIUM

Bonjour Guido,

Oui c'est une triste nouvelle. Un jour ça sera toi, puis moi - ou moi, puis toi.
J'ai aussi un ami artiste qui est mort d'un cancer il y a quelques mois (le mari de Josée Rochus, elle habite dans un village à 20 km d'Arlon et fait aussi du mail art). D'autres mourront et dans la plupart des cas, nous ne pouvons rien faire contre cela. Ce qu'on peut faire, c'est essayer de vivre notre relation avec ces personnes de manière juste, garder le contact, having fun, doing art... Tu connaissais Marylin mieux que moi puisque tu l'as rencontrée: je suppose et j'espère qu'elle a vécu ses passions à fond.

C'est bien qu'elle ait pu prendre congé de ses enfants et petits-enfants.
C'est bien aussi que sa maison reste un lieu consacré à l'art après sa mort...

Alain Valet, BELGIUM

"Ink Castles" artist book edition by A.V.
(see also the entry further in this blog of Victor Philippe, France)

Marilyn introduced me in 1995 to the poetic work of Sam Hamill.
In 1997 I found this book with handwritten dedication by Mr Hamill.

When the Bush administration decided to invade Iraq Sam Hamill and friends created the movement "poets against the war" uniting 1500 poets worldwide bombarding the White House with 20 000 poems for peace.


I became a member and joined Sam's efforts thru' Friour Network Magazine, a magazine dedicated to art and peace efforts, bridging the mail art network with other peace and art networks like T:AP.


Dag Guido

Ik vind het heel erg voor jou! Ik weet dat je een goede band met haar had, ondanks de vele kilometers die jullie scheidden.

Misschien zijn die kilometers nu verdwenen en kom je haar tegen in elke "shadow".

Inge Schets, BELGIUM

Inge wrote: "I know that you had a good connection with Marilyn despite the many miles seperating both of you. Maybe the miles have disappeared now and you will meet her in every Shadow."

Photo: Shadow and mask play in my garden: me, Kimi, Sarah and Inge.
Kimi and Sarah are Inge's daughters. (GV)

Tiny painting I made on May 22, the day Marilyn passed away.

Turned this into a postcard edition to her memory and called it
"Clouds (like peace dreams) never sleep"

My friend Inge said that it was appropriate because clouds protect us against the sun and bless us by their shadows. Shadow is in every cloud...

The original has been put into an art journal on "Celebrations" which is traveling inside the mail art network like an add and pass on notebook. This idea resulted from many exchanges with Christine Tarantino (USA).

Guido Vermeulen, BELGIUM

Cosmic Mind infinite by Christine Tarantino, USA

Reading signs behind the shield of a body becoming battlefield
Dedicated to Shadow

Deep blue
Tears of the moon
Face the pale white wall.

Bodies born from windows
Closing eyes dry wells
Sand in the pocket
Loophole of time

Desert waves don't sleep
Making bread instead of love
Priorities of the wind
Carving caring colors in a cup of tea

No cross to mark my grave
But a traveling feather
From caravan to caravan
Never felt better when falling down

Leaving dry skin behind
Dreaming of light sparkles
Belonging to a former existence

Lost somewhere in a suitcase
A key not looking for a lock
But banging on the egg as if it were a drum

Guido Vermeulen, Belgium
First poem on Marilyn Dammann, read by Bonnie in Baraga and by myself in Brussels during Shadow celebrations.
I started this poem in April during the visit of Dobrica Kamperelic (Serbia) and finished it just before phoning Marilyn when she told me the upsetting news that the end was near.
I realized then that my poem was a premonition, that I knew without knowing.
This poem is also mailed as a contribution to the excellent Serbian zine "SIGNAL", an international review for signalist research with as editor Miroljub Todorovic.

Thank you, Guido,

for the Shadow memorial projects call and for offering to compile everything. I expect to be high in the mountains at a campground en route to Manitoba. I will definitely do something to remember her.
The idea of the shadow transformed into a cloud (shape shifting, dynamic) is really very nice. The poem is full of mournful but beauty-filled (beautiful) imagery.

I have a small pile of Marilyn's mail that I am re-reading/handling.
She made three hand sewn patchwork blankets tops for Comforter. I will post images of them on the blog today or tomorrow.
Lois Klassen, CANADA

I have posted some words and images about Marilyn Dammann's mail art and life on my blog.
You can see and read it here:

TEXTfragment on the webblog:
I am sad to report that Marilyn Dammann, a committed contributor to Comforter Art-Action, died on May 22, 2005. Marilyn was known to thousands of artists around the world through through her active involvement in mail art. I have been reading and looking through the pile of creative correspondence that came to me from her over the years. I was unable to keep up with both the volume and the spiritual depth that she offered through her art. Her mailed art messages are visual poetry reflecting on the transfromations that she observed in the natural world and on her deepening spiritual connection to that world. She also sent clear messages about her concern for the state of the planet, political as well as environmental. Her compassion for the plight of refugees and war victims spurned her to include Comforter Art-Action in her creative life. The patchwork tops of the blankets pictured above were hand sewn by Marilyn and mailed to me from her home in Baraga, Michigan. I finished them with others at the most recent sewing circles this winter.
I have included some of her work in the two mailable Peace Shrines that are waiting to be mailed into the networks. I will launch these two pieces as memorials to Marilyn. Guido Vermeulen, close friend, travel companion and correspondent of Marilyn's has offered to coordinate a mail art memorial day for Marilyn on June 26th. On this day in Baraga, Marilyn's friends and family will be celebrating her life and enjoying a case of wine that she had prepared for this occasion. Guido proposes that we all do a memorial act and send him documentaiton about it. He will compile the results into a publication. Contact him at for more information. If you happen to be on the Upper Penninsula in June, a tribute exhibition Un Hommage a Marilyn is about to open at Gallery 325 in the Baraga Township Hall.

Pilgrim, a tribute

I have put together a couple of web pages about the tribute that I did for Marilyn Dammann on Shuswap Lake. On June 26, the day that all of Marilyn's many art correspondents and friends (around the world) were to perform some action of rememberance for her, I was traveling with my family in the British Columbia interior. A few days earlier, the book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, by Annie Dillard, had found me. Marilyn's mail often reminded me of Dillard's writing, so I decided to mark her passing by reading this book in the woods. You can see and hear some of what transpired here:

Lois reading the Pilgrim, June 26, ATC edition as a tribute to artist and correspondent M.D.

Dear Guido,

I wanted this to be with you for the June 26th memorial.
It is a duplicate of a mailing I sent to Marilyn's family (minus my personal letter).
I am okay but the tears come at unexpected moments.
Marilyn was so generous and I will miss her presence in my life.
It has been good to pay tribute to her in all the mail I've sent this week.
This Earth Day Project was something I was hoping to share with Marilyn.
It is so like her -"we are of the earth" project.

The children made ATC's and one card from each child forms the border.
On June 26th I am hoping to put together the "Tribute Box" I have thought and planning for 2 years now. It will be part of my cigar box series.
On June 26th I will be with you in spirit and also in Baraga.

Much love,
Elaine Rounds, CANADA

Braincell sheets (fragments)

My dear Guido!

I'm also very shocked, but I keep on sending her my best energy. Life is just a minute of our existence...
Flowers crying but trying to understand,

Tânia Gabrielli-Pohlmann, GERMANY/BRAZIL

not only time helps. Love is the greatest help...
More flowers because nature was her best inspiration and wrote with her the beauty of the arts...

Let's try it, dear Guido!
Flowers celebrating with you,

Photo of volcano flower was mailed to me by Rais Boneza, refugee of CONGO relocated in NORWAY and T:AP member (GV)


Very sad to get this news.

I posted a few of Marilyn's images, along with your note on my blog.

Jim Leftwich, USA

Dear Guido

As promised I have put a page in my website as an homage to Marilyn, follow the link from the first page in
to see it.

Please show it at your party so on June 26.
I will feel I have been there with you to remember her and send me a quick email so I know that you have seen this in time.

My regards to you all,
Martha Aitchinson, UK

Dear Guido,

I published a tribute a Marilyn with the messages received and some
works of her that I found at the web; also, I published your postcard
that you sent me with the participation to "Mail Art Day 2005".
You can see the "Tribute to Marilyn" at NEWS in Vortice Argentina:
It´s my little hommage to her...

Best regards... FGD
VORTICE , c/o Fernando Garcia Delgado, ARGENTINA

Dear Guido,

I have dedicated my mail art Dream Project to the memory of Marilyn Dammann "Shadow"

In this project I want to gather the dreams in the textual or visual versions from all those who want to share them. If you want, you can send to me your dreams via snail mail or via e-mail.

Please visit the new blog that was opened to show the
"Dream Project 2005" at this url:

Sghinopaullimo, ITALY

Dear Guido,

This is very sad news.
But I always think - she is in the place where all us have to go. I think,
if every people goes there, it must'nt be a very bad place... We are made
of the same substance of the stars.
I send you this poem for Marylin. I wanted to express sadness and loneliness.

La nuit
les mots
avec bruit
sur les toits en tuiles
ils se laissent glisser
tout au long des égouttieres en plastique
jusqu'aux canivaux débordantes
jusqu'aux bouches d'égouts
ils passent à coté
d'oreilles fermées
sur la langue qui pleut.

Postal greetings
Maria Teresa Schiavino, ITALY

Cher Guido,

Voici ce que j'ai créé le dimanche 26 juin à la mémoire de Marilyn.

Merci de rassembler les louanges et de les envoyer à sa famille.

En amitié,

Bruno Sourdin, FRANCE

Le 26 + 1 jour,

Le temps que cela sèche.
Une pensée oui, une énorme empreinte de tristesse de Phèdre et de ... pudeur oblige.
Une vraie pensée.
J'ai pris l'image première, elle aurait pu être avec plus de distance mais ton message prend au coeur, aux souvenirs.
Elle est sincère ... ET VIVE MARILYN !!!

Amitiés à toi et hommage à ton amitié pour cette amie que (j'en suis sure) tu ne perdras jamais réellement.

Fabienne Ruaut Lichet, FRANCE

Thru-Your-Eyes Mail art for Marilyn Dammann
Anne, USA

Dear Guido,

Many thanks for your letter.

Grief for the death of Shadow-Ombre on May 22, 2005.

For the Memorial Day on June 26 I'm sending you my hommage to celebrate the occasion.

Thanks also for your invitation to the project Friour's Earth Charter.

All the best
Art and energy
Art and Harmony
Art and Peace,

Emilio Morandi, ITALY

by Dmitri Babenko, RUSSIA

Shadow Mourning

Photo by
Sugar Irmer, GERMANY

Dear Friends and Family of Marilyn,

In loving memory from Meg Founds

In tribute for Shadow and her Shadowork

June 26, 2005
Meg Taney Founds, USA

Even the Nomad Neanderthalers of Drenthe mourn Shadow!

Woodcut on panel
Art colony of Veenhuizen

Hello Guido,

Hope you are well.

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

Be well,

Laura Barletta, USA

In memory of Marilyn Dammann


Computer art 2005 by

Paul Tiilila, FINLAND


Being connected ONLY with the earth is the major problem with art.

Thank you, I did not know about 22 May 2005.


Mike Dyar, USA

Aujourd'hui j'ai voté,
c'est ça la démocratie,
pour la non-violence et pour la paix,
et mon vote a eu cent pour cent des voix de moi-même,
beau résultat!

Condoléances pour la perte de votre amie Marilyn


Cher ami,

Excuse pour ce retard et cet hommage à Marilyn DAMMANN.
J'avais commencé une correspondance avec elle en 1999 et son travail sur la terre m'intéressait beaucoup.
J'ai participé à ses projets et elle à mon projet "la République des artistes".
Lors de notre première rencontre le 2/3 juillet de la République à notre Ambassade de Venise, j'ai pris la parole pour rendre hommage à MD.

Merci, cher ami, de faire cette démarche.

Regrets et Fraternité

Rémy Pénard, FRANCE

Rémy speaks here on the exchanges he had with Marilyn and her own participation to his project REPUBLIC OF ARTISTS. During a meeting of the Republic at the embassy in Venice Rémy made a public tribute speech on MD.
The Embassy is the house of course of Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo de Lio, 2 Italian mail artists who live in Venice. (GV)

Cher Guido,

Voici une enveloppe postale pour dire NON et NON à la politique du Medef, c'est-à-dire le patronat français, avec des timbres d'artistes pour que la lutte continue et aussi pour rendre hommage à Marilyn DAMMANN.

A bientôt
Avec toute mon amitié

Eric Bensidon, FRANCE

Tribute to M.D. Artistamps made by Eric

Ant's 26 June Tribute to Marilyn Dammann
Destination: Guido Vermeulen

Ant Porka, ITALY

Transition of Light sparkles (in Marilyn's company)

The insect of the eyelid turns around
to the light of the open ear,
mocking with some mild amusement the impossibility
of a closed door, of silent stones & foodless kitchens.

Water pours from the rooftops into her hands,
a gift of heaven she can't refuse even if she wanted to.
She smiles and smiles again like children use to do
& offers me with kindness whatever I'll find on my road:
pebbles, feathers, birch, wires, transistors in the wild,
transitions of the view, she finally whispers.

Between 2 feathers I caught her image
Between 2 feathers my soul melted
Between the turtles carrying her earth
I saw her sun set so red as blood,
so pure as gold, so light her shadow
faded into mine.

Till we meet again, she said.
Till we meet again.
Let's turn what's invisible into meaning
because after all what's so obvious is not real,
it's only a travesty of truth, clothed with a useless power coat.

I nodded & poured a bucket of stolen water into the Superior Lake.
Because it was not big enough to hold our common dreams
I added my tears with love & light & magic.

Guido Vermeulen, BELGIUM
June 2005

A hymn to Marilyn Dammann


with Love, Light & Magic

Bon voyage, Marilyn
from Carol Stetser, USA

Dear Guido,

I am very sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Please accept my sympathy for your loss and my deepest wishes for HEALING.

Marilyn sounds like a very fine human being.
You are making a lovely tribute to her.
Remember: ART & LOVE LIVE ON!

Julie Hagan Bloch, USA

June 26, China ink on paper

For the memorial day to honor Marilyn Dammann, aka Shadow.

From Gianluca Murasecchi, ITALY

with best regards to Guido

Shadow Trees Tribute

Solamito Luigino, ITALY

Dedicated to Shadow

Schoko Casana-Rosso, GERMANY

Dear Guido,

Rita Mc Namara told me the sad news of Marilyn's death. I know also you intend to produce a memorial book.

This is my contribution.

Eric Langolff, FRANCE

En hommage à Marilyn Dammann "SHADOWORK" qui trouvait sa magnifique inspiration au contact de la nature.

A rose for Marilyn from her Italian Amazon

I Meta-Networker in Spirit
Ruggero Maggi, ITALY

We shared a common affection for the Aboriginal people. In 1997 I returned to Baraga and stayed at Marilyn's house for nearly a month. I gave her as present the magnificent book on the TEACHING STONES of the outcast tribes. When she visited me in Brussels the next year one of her presents was a compilation cassette with some Aboriginal music.
Ruggero refers here also to his own Amazon mail art project. (GV)

Friday, August 19, 2005

In memory of Marilyn Dammann


Words tend to be inadequate

Eberhard Janke, Janus Edition, GERMANY